Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shaelyn: The Final Chapter

 I am finally on the last pattern repeat of this never-ending disaster of a project.

Other than the fact that I had forgotten to change the k2togs to p2togs in the last lace repeat for the border, I thought things were going well until I looked in the bag and noticed-I HAD ALMOST NO YARN LEFT.

Triangular shawls take a huge amount of yarn to complete at the end and I hadn't been paying attention. What I did have was a ball of leftover green from the top and.....

...some dye. But what color should I put over the green to get the color I needed?

The bottom stripe of blue was a really a mixture of red, gray and navy so I made half the leftover yarn gun metal and half plain navy. One is too dark and the other is too blue but I am totally over this project. I've got only two stinking rows and a bind off left so I am just going to use what I have and call it a day.


  1. But it might be just perfect. The colours all go well together. It's going to be big and warm. I look forward to seeing it blocked.

  2. You are too hard on yourself! Finish it up - I think it might surprise you!

  3. Oh A, it is beautiful. Just beautiful. Call it a day a great day

  4. I hope you get to like this. It really is cool.