Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Eyes Have It

This is a pretty poor selfie if I may say so myself but I am trying to prove a point here. All those yellow streaks on my eyelids and cheek are not a fashion statement.

It seems I landed myself in the emergency room yesterday. I was visiting with Daddio, bringing him a Memorial Day dinner when I started feeling very odd. My left eye became cloudy and I started seeing flashes of light. I felt like someone was holding their hand over that side of my face. It was eerie and it scared the beejeezus out of me because I thought I was having a stroke.  Dummy that I am, I jumped in the car and drove all the way home, alerted The Mister and only then called Urgent Care. They said to head over to the hospital, so I did. The nicest and most patient physician's assistant on the planet brought in a giant eye contraption and took a good look at the black octopus with lightening rods that seemed to have taken up residence in my eye. I was terrified. I really need my eyes, you know. Finally he asked me " do you have anything to do with fiber? It seems you have a long strand of something all twisted around your pupil and trapped up under your eyelid." I thought The Mister was going to fall off the chair. It seems I had an eye full of old fuzz that had embedded itself but good and was doing all kinds of ugly on all the important parts I need to see with. Even worse, no amount of washing by the PA could get it out. He had to numb my eye and do some pulling and poking. Not fun. At all.

I was sent home with a bag of meds and instructions to see a real eye doctor if it doesn't improve in a week. I am still seeing a milder version of the octopus and lightening rods but at least I know it is not something serious-just stupid. I guess I will be wearing safety goggles when I play with my woolly stuff from now on.
Oh yeah, the young (and good looking) PA confessed to being a crocheter. He has been working on a blanket for his daughter since she was born-three years ago. I was in no position to be doing any talking while he had his fingers in my eye but I would have gladly offered up the information that I am working on a sweater that I started-four years ago.
Needless to say, The Mister is going to be laughing about this for a long while. Don't anyone dare ask him how he spent his Memorial Day.


  1. Yikes! That sounds awful! My eyes are watering just hearing about it. But I guess if you have to have someone poking around in your eye it might as well be someone good looking that crochets ....right?! :-) Be careful now and take care of that eye!

  2. Oh no! I didn't realise fibre could be so dangerous. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    (Btw I've been following you for a little while but don't think I've commented before. Hi!)


  3. OMG! What a crazy story! I am glad that it was nothing super serious and that you're ok. I would never in a million years have guessed that that could even happen. Lesson learned for us all. Speedy recovery to you!

  4. Yikes!!! who knew fibre could be so dangerous!?! How are you now? Hope you're in less pain... x

  5. Well !@#! I wear a mask and gloves when sorting and prepping fleece to wash, but I never thought of goggles. Take care of yourself and follow doctors' orders! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  6. O Poor YOU!! Eye injury is so painful!
    I always thought of knitting as so safe HA! To those hikers and climbers...we have our own dangers as we knit.

    What kind of fiber do you think it was.? ALpaca???

  7. What are the odds! What a story.
    I don't see myself wearing goggles when I handle my fibre but I will think of you and watch my eyes from now on.

  8. OMG, thought you were going to say your retina was detaching. You get the same symptoms.....holy crap you scared me. Go to an Ophthalmologist and please don't wait a week. Just go your eyes are precious and you just can't wait to make sure everything is okay.
    ps I have the same drops. oh dear lord we are a pitiful lot of fiber junkies. You just take the cake!
    fondly, and feel better...