Friday, May 10, 2013

Rhinebeck 2013?

I just got finished with this year's big local festival and I am already thinking about going back up to Rhinebeck. Not really. I don't actually want to go this year but I want to think about it anyway because I am almost done with the shawl I spun from the roving I bought there last year. I was planning on wearing it there this year but honestly, I am over all the fiber frenzy and it is only May. My dream of spending my retirement following all the festivals up and down the coast has pretty much fizzled out after going to so many of them last year. It's a clear case of too much of a good thing.It could also be that I am just worn out from all the family drama.

As for Shaelyn, she was an experiment in tearing apart a braid of fiber and spinning the colors the way I wanted them to line up. The verdict is still way out on this one. I am not sure if I have the amount of color sense needed to pull it off but it won't be long until I find out. I am already on the last of the stripes and using the last color from the braid. Blocking this thing is going to be pretty darn interesting.

Daddio and Middle Sister are happily both on the mend. She went home yesterday and he is now able to see better than he has in years Whew.... as for me, I came home and had an all night big ugly cry of relief. The Mister thought I'd lost my mind. It's just that I was not cut out for this nursing thing. My nerves are shot. 


  1. Poor you. A good old cry is a good old thing!!

    I love your knitting color choices. IT will work well!!

    BE NICE TO YOU Today~

  2. Family hospital stuff is exhausting. You will rebound no doubt! The fiber is a might sword.