Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Eyes Have It 2

My crazy eye story has only gotten weirder but before I explain,  first let me thank everyone for all the nice comments yesterday. They were much appreciated.

And so it goes...
When I left the ER on Monday, I had a hard time believing that all that eye craziness was from a strand of fiber but I wanted to believe it because it was an easy fix. While the fiber was causing some irritation and needed to be addressed, I knew there was going to be more to this story when I woke up seeing even worse than I did the night before. I had The Mister drive me over to Daddio's fabulous eye doctor and after an exam, I was sent to the hospital to have emergency surgery (!) for a detached retina. The lovely lady surgeon wanted to do some testing on her own first and discovered-bless her heart-that the retina was not actually detaching but had a crater that only appeared to be a detachment. She decided to try a laser intervention first to see if her theory was correct and to my immense relief, it worked. I not only had a crater but a blister of some sort that was causing all those floating octopus and lighting flashes. I can't see worth beans at the moment from the procedure but they assure me it will all clear up within a few days. Sadly my hallucinogenic visions are probably something I will have to learn to live with and monitor closely in case a detachment actually occurs-which unfortunately is now more likely. The actual medical definition of all this fun is bullous retinoschisis.

Oh well, life goes on. There are certainly worse things to worry about. Read my original ER instructions if you want a good laugh. It makes me feel sorta dirty. Bad, bad fiber. Ewwww............


  1. Oh my goodness! I feel so bad for you. This whole ordeal sounds awful. I certainly hope it all clears up now and everything gets back to normal. Those crazy ER instructions are hysterical if you don't think about the fact that they sound totally incompetent. You'd think they could at least narrow it down to the actual part of your body that you deliberately-on- purpose put fiber into. LOL!

  2. When you mentioned flashing lights, I wondered about a retina problem. Haven't had such a problem myself, but took My Mister through surgery for a semi-detached retina about 10 yrs ago. Glad yours was one that could be fixed with a laser beam. Lasers can do wonderful things inside eyes--it's pretty amazing.

    Wishing you well & hoping your vision returns to normal soon.

  3. Thank St Lucy you can see! St Lucy is the eyeball saint. I know its weird but she listens. HOoray that you saved your sight! Hooray for great diagnosis albeit late

  4. oh thank God you went to the eye Dr this am. You saved your eye! I had a feeling it was going to go this way. Certainly want your eyes to heal right quick.
    putting foreign objects into your body on purpose. now that is a very serious offense. I suspect there is a 12 step group for this someplace complete with coffee and dusty floors. Don't go there.
    AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH BWAAAAAAAAAAA fiber in the eye. Nice glasses by the by.

  5. Eyes are so precious. So glad you went in to see daddio's eye doctor! Now you need to rest a bit.

  6. So glad you went to the eye Dr. I hope it's not too painful now.

    I'm still sniggering at the ER instructions - did you deliberately poke yourself in the eye with a sheep???