Wednesday, May 15, 2013


 As if I haven't had enough problems with the Lillehammer, the entire gray and blue section of Shaelyn also had to go. I was close to finishing but I didn't like how the colors were turning out on what would be the bottom. The easiest solution would be to stay in pattern and add another pattern repeat of red. That way I could get away without doing any tricky math with lace repeats. I really wasn't in the mood for any drama either so ripping back wasn't an option.

In place of my morning knitting, I've been doing a few rows of morning tinking each day for a week or so. I'll be back in the red by tomorrow and hopefully now Shaelyn will have a happy ending.


  1. I look forward to seeing the FO.

  2. I give you so much credit for all the frogging. My friend Karen says GREAT knitter frog alot....or rip alot. She's apparently right! Your shawl is going to be gorgeous

  3. Wow - after all that tinking - I think you need a nice vanilla project just to go your way!

  4. oh dear lord, can you not stay out of trouble for five minutes?????
    I give you lots of credit for your tinking.
    I vote plain vanilla. A week's worth.