Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Day

At the time you are probably reading this, I will be wandering around the Howard County Fairgrounds all in a dither trying to figure out the best way to spend the very little bit of cash I managed to save for the occasion. A week ago I picked out my outfit. Other than my newly finished Arietta, it's not much different than last year's I'm afraid. I am such a creature of habit.

I will, however, be wearing different socks. I usually wear the same blue ones but this year Wandering Cat's Undine will get the honor. I will either be in a skirt or cropped jeans to show them off-and matching Crocs, of course.

Hopefully by this time, I will have filled up my two large Montavilla Market Totes with lots of goodies. What I am really looking forward to is adding to my rug hooking stash. I am finding out that you can't have too many shades of the same color and right now I am out of many of the ones I need. I also plan to fill it with unscented goat soap. I love that stuff.

Of course another must is the fiber I plan to start spinning with this little Golding on the ride home. It will become next year's shawl. This year I had a blue one, last year it was purple and the year before that green. I started this tradition with a pink one back in 2009. 2010 was a technicolor Swallowtail-so I am thinking 2014 needs to be orange?
Sadly, I am seriously doubting that I will come home with a fleece this year. I really only want a Merino and the ones I usually stop and examine are close to-if not more than $200. I don't seem to have that kind of money this year. I worked all winter at the skating rinks and saved every dime of it and even put away my income tax money and football pool winnings-but it all seems to have disappeared into the cost of just staying alive. Living on a tiny fixed income has its ups and downs and right now I am sadly on the down side. It's just a case of bad timing that I need to work hard to try to avoid next year. You definitely don't want to be broke at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival but to tell you the honest to goodness truth, the thing I am looking forward to the most-besides just being in all the frenzied fiber excitement-is a snow cone. You just can't get a decent one around here.


  1. AWESOME! Enjoy and do please post pictures for those of us that can't make it. :-)

  2. Have fun and even if you can't buy much, get something nice for yourself, you deserve it.

  3. sure you are having a wonderful time. can't wait to hear all about it.
    all your hard work you certainly deserve this bit of joy.

  4. Your shawl is amazing. You plan fantastic.. It is hard to find yarn money isnt it?

    I LOVE a good snow cone!!! enjoy