Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Woolly Wednesday: Back In Business

This post was intended to be my monthly contribution to the Woolly Wednesday site but since Daddio had surgery yesterday and I have to have him back at the doc's by 8ish this morning, I doubt if I am going to be able to make the link this month. If you are regular Woolly Wednesday visitor thanks for making the effort to stop by. I hope to do better next month!

 With all the newly open space in the house, I am finally able to get all my toys out to play again. My poor old Ashford Traditional (complete with stabilizing bungee cord) is ready once again for a good spin. In case you are wondering, I use my Dumpling Bag to hold my fiber up and away from the bad kitties when I am not right there to protect it. All it takes is a second away from the wheel and they are on it like I am spinning catnip.

While going through my ridiculous fiber stash, I found this mystery wool from an unknown source in some fun colors and decided to sacrifice spin it as a trial run. I have not used this wheel since last summer and we really needed to get better acquainted before I used some of my fancy fiber on it.

It was touch and go at first as my singles were so under spun they were drifting apart on me. You really have to peddle like a maniac on this wheel. It's quite a workout compared to the Ladybug.

 Speaking of the Ladybug, I also finished spinning the Vegetable Medly Polwarth singles from Into the Whirled the night before this year's MDSW. I needed to free her up for whatever goodie I brought home and as you know, I brought home plenty. Now comes the hard part. I am going to try chain plying it even though I am betting it is going to end badly. So far practice hasn't made perfect but I am not giving up hope that I will figure this out one day. It's just so darn fiddly. I need at least another arm to get done what needs to be done.


  1. Firstly I hope Daddio is on the mend soon... you guys seem to be having a fair old time of it at the moment... I'm thinking of you all...

    That mystery fibre looks gorgeous! I haven't figured out this chain plying business yet but I have high hopes... Take care xxx

  2. I LOVE you spin work. Praying a prayer now for your Daddio!!!!!

  3. I've just mastered (sort of) regular plying so I'll be interested in seeing how chain plying is done. I could only imagine what kind of a mess I could make of that. LOL! Plying isn't my strong suit. I'll have to try the bungee cord on my Ashford traditional wheel. I've been bracing it against the wall. Hope the eye surgery went well. My eyes are watering just thinking about it.