Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 Maryland Sheep and Wool: Day 2

Sunday started the same way Saturday ended. I sat in the car spinning while I waited for Little Sister and Daughter to join me at 9 am. I was still in the car because it was COLD. I did not dress warm enough for the chilly morning winds.

 Our first stop was to get my Mother's Day present. Daughter always buys me something fuzzy and I knew just what I wanted.

It was pretty empty at 9. We had the run of the place. I could see things I hadn't even noticed on Saturday. No lines, no waiting anywhere. Not even in the big name booths.

Daughter was in the market for a basket. She settled on this one that was handmade by ladies in Ghana. I love it and have decided that one day I will have one too.

After a long morning of shopping it was time for some sheep love. This guy couldn't get enough. We wanted to take him home.

I had a quick peek at the sheep to shawl contest that was winding down.

One team had this tea cozy as a part of their props. Love. Love. Love.

Daughter needed to rush off to work but needed some lunch first.

After making quick work of the ribbon fries we had a short rest and took stock of the morning's purchases.

Besides her basket, Daughter had bought some kitty socks and two pairs of mittens. She wants me to figure out the green pattern and make her more. The red pair are made from recycled sweaters. Clever.

I am not even going to tell you what I bought but Daughter carried it back to my car on her way out.

So far, Little Sister had not found a single thing. Then she saw this gourd hollowed out to be a bird house. It was love at first sight. It was carved and painted by students from a youth program at Shady Pines Farm.

Then we looked at the judged projects. This one, Vostok, was a standout. I love it. I want one.

Lunch was a pretty terrible pretzel and....

...another snow cone. Mine is root beer, Little Sister's is an unfortunately named egg custard. It tasted like cream soda to me.

Outside, in tent city, we were mesmerized by someone felting fiber. I need to learn to do this.

 Last year when we brought Daddio, he complained about not seeing any quilting materials. We found some this year.

We even found quilts as decor in many of the booths.

The walk out on Sunday is always painful. I don't want to go. I had $6 left. What to do?

Oh, yeah. Every little bit helps. Every year the festival gets bigger and better and I hope it continues. I'd like to think my measly $6 might help in some way.

Back at the car I was wondering how I was going to explain all this to The Mister. Yes, that is another fleece. I said I couldn't afford any and I ended up buying three. Goodness.

The drive home is always a long one. I just don't want the day to end.

Back at home I pose all of the day's purchases. I'll be posting about the stuff tomorrow. Right now I need food, a bath and a whole lot of sleep. It's going to take a lot of energy to put all this stuff away in the morning.


  1. What a haul !! I love the sock yarn up front near the fleece with the reds in it.....

    Love daughters basket and sisters gourd.

  2. My, now that is a weekend!!! Love the fact you came home with $6 left! (and lots of fleece) Hope you slept well x

  3. oh my goodness
    you make me dizzy. That is a huge haul you got away with!
    I can just see you having so much fun with this all year.
    I love the sheep he is in heaven getting his head scratched by you.
    Even pot holder loops.Lmao.
    You go girl!