Thursday, May 2, 2013

Saved By the Glitch

Orkney By Marie Wallin
The night before Middle Sister's surgery, I couldn't sleep so I spent the night knit surfing, I saw this on Ravelry and wanted one but it wasn't going to happen because to get the pattern I had to buy a magazine that was priced at over $20.

Dogwood Blossom Sweater by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Then I saw this. The pattern was only $7.99 and that was quite doable. I could change out the colors to make it look more like the first one and get rid of the front, bottom and sleeve bands. I have a room full of Palette so it wouldn't have cost much at all. The problem was that every time I tried to pay for the darn pattern download the website kept telling me my email/username was wrong even when I was checking out as a guest. Disappointed, I gave up and decided to sleep on it.

In the morning, I realized I already had several colorwork projects in the works and I really owe it to them to finish before I move on to something new. Lillehammer has part of one sleeve and another to go and it's done so I packed it up along with my other little friends to knit during the four hours plus that I was expecting to spend in the hospital waiting room. It turned out that it was more like eight hours plus so I got quite a lot done.
In spite of a few minor complications, Middle Sister's surgery went well. Hopefully she will be coming home today or tomorrow. Thanks for all the kind words yesterday!


  1. glad to hear little sister's surgery was successful although terribly long. knitting is the perfect thing to fill that time gap. beautiful color work.

  2. looks to me like you saved more than 7.99!!! Your Inprogress colorwork amazes me!

  3. Glad to hear surgery went well!
    I love the look of colour work, but very rarely attempt it! I don't think I could ever manage one of those sweaters!