Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Maryland Sheep and Wool: The Stuff

This year I not only had a list but I had a "rule". I had to stay out of the big name vendors booths and stick to the local small timers. I always go to the same places every year and buy the same stuff. Not this year.

First things first. I needed to get unscented goat soap from Three Waters Farm and lots of it. I tried this soap for the first time last year and I can't live without it. I was happy to hear you can order this online although I think I bought enough to last the year this time around.

 I also wanted a fun roving/top to spin for the Tour de Fleece and I think this Merino/Silk will do it. I found this at Cloverhill Yarn Shop. The Mister talked me into this one. He was very adamant about it which was unusual so I went with it. It's from Dicentra Designs and it is the Pelennor colorway. They have some pretty things in their Etsy shop and pretty prices too.

 I also found this in the same shop. Since I was going with psychedelic roving why not have socks to match? It's the Grateful Dyed (love that name) colorway in superwash Merino and it's from Wild Hare Fiber Studio.

 You've seen this before. This was at the top of my list. I wanted something orange to make next year's shawl and it was not easy to find. I found it at the American Cormo Association booth and the vendor was tickled to death when I bought it saying that she had dyed it herself and was disappointed that it had not been a big seller. I think it is lovely. It is not Cormo but Merino/Silk which is fine by me.

The big haul of the day was at the Mason Dixon Rug Hooking booth. The Mister and I searched high and low for affordable wool to use for hooking. We were more than happy to discover this local hooking guild that has the most incredible pricing ever. This is just a small sample. We came home with bags and bags of the stuff for about $40. I also bought some big pieces of white to try my hand at dyeing my own colors.

Then there are the fleeces. I told The Mister to find me some Merino and since he is a Miami Dolphins fan this was an easy year for him to help out. While I was running my mouth with fellow fiber enthusiasts, he found me two decent bags full for only about $50 a piece.

 I also picked up a sample bottle of Unicorn Power Scour. I usually just use Dawn but since Merino is so fine and so greasy I thought I would have some fun and experiment with different ways to wash it since I have so darn much of it now.

The last thing I picked up on Saturday was this little guy for Daddio at the Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue booth. He is getting quite a collection of my little sheepie things on his mantle piece and now he will have this sheep dog to keep them in line.

 On Sunday, Daughter bought me these two braids of overdyed BFL in the Emerald Isle and the Chameleon colorways from Misty Mountain Farm.

 I went back later and picked up a BFL/Silk braid in the Secret Garden colorway. None of these photos do justice to the true colors. They are really much prettier and brighter.

 While looking at boat shuttles at The Mannings booth and being talked out of one by a very wise vendor, I spied these Lotta Loops by Harrisville Designs to make potholders. I have been obsessed with them lately and there will be a post all about it in the near future.

I also picked up some more soap for poor Middle Sister who was home recovering from her nasty surgery. I found it at Breezy Willow Farm. I can tell you that the whole house smells like the bar of Linden Tree soap and it is lovely. I wish I had bought some for myself.

My one strange purchase was this Celtic Cotton from Kiparoo Farm. I fell in love with the feel of this stuff but have no idea what to do with it. I didn't buy enough to do anything but pet it but sometimes that's enough.

 I thought I was all done buying when I ran into this gorgeous superwash Merino sock yarn in the Sedona colorway at Dancing Leaf Farm. I had to break into the milk money to get it but I have no regrets. It makes me happy.

 Last but not least meet fleece number three-another Merino, another 8 pounds of difficult, hard to wash, easy to felt, horribly greasy fleece to fret over all summer. It's going to be my next sheep to sweater project so I have a lot of thinking to do.
Now where am I going to put all this stuff?


  1. Well if you can't find a place to put it all, I'd certainly be willing to take it off your hands for you. ;-) Love it all....so fun....especially the sock yarn in the sedona colorway. I'd say you dun good!!!

  2. That's quite some haul you've got there! Love the Misty Mountain farm goodies. Can't wait to see what magic you make with those... x

  3. hog heaven
    did you figure out what to stretch your rugs on for looping? Your round frame was getting to small.

    1. I found the frame I need but it was $140. I am going to try to make something like it with some old picture frames when things calm down around here. For now, I am using a slightly bigger quilting hoop I found and I just may have to sew some strips onto the backing to make it bigger.

  4. Looks like you did well!
    My Mom has a wolf guarding her herd of stuffy sheep.

  5. I think you are so funny to break into the milk money!!!

    I LOVE your haul.
    BOrder Collie Rescue PUp is adorable and perfect for your dad's sheepies.

    Grateful DYED is so cute. And it will make a fun fun knit!

  6. noted $140.00 for rug hooking stretchy thing-a-ma-bob~~
    very good idea to use a picture frame and maybe some of those big metal pinching clamp thing-a-ma-jigs....well done!

  7. Very nice. Love the Cloverhill top. I spun a Grateful Dyed from Wild Hare a few years ago!l Great colours.