Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Pile of FOs

 I have spent a crazy amount of time in doctor's waiting rooms lately and I have a lot of finished objects to show for it.

The first things done were the Owlie Mitts  in Wandering Cat Yarns Swamp Thing colorway. Aren't they cute? Very Duck Dynasty. I confess I have not seen the show but you can't help but get caught up in all the hype. Those dudes are everywhere.

 The second thing off the needles were the thrummed mitts from Zenitude.

These were crazy fun to make. In case you want to know what is so special about these mittens take a look at the inside. They are so soft and warm it is like putting your hand in a cloud.

Last but not least, I finished these Nice Ribbed Socks by Glenna C. The yarn is by Abstract Fiber.
You'll notice that Shaelyn is not in this pile. She is having yet another crisis that I will tell you all about later. Jeesh.


  1. Love those owl mitts. I think my grand daughter would love a pair. Happy to see your thrummed mitts, they are ready for next winter!

  2. Great finishes. I LOVE the socks Must try that yarn brand.

    THe thrummed mitts inside out are hysterical.

    Owllie fingerless are sooooooo lovely . who who who will they go to?

  3. The owl mitts turned out beautifully, and I love those socks - but I really want to steal those thrum mitts!

  4. Nice pile of FOs! Those thrum mitts are gorgeous!!!