Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Cleaning

 Upstairs in the woolly room, I have been sorting and organizing my fiber stash. This is only one bin's worth.

 Uh-oh. I have filled all my shelf space with roving and I still have three bins left in the closet. Shameful but I have some real beauties in this mess. Fiber Optics, Gale's Art, Miss Babs, Loop and Into the Whirled to name drop a few.

 I was also surprised to find this giant bag of Corriedale from Copper Moose. This could be a sweater's worth, if I'm not mistaken. I think it may have a date with some dye.There is also at least 6 bags of beautiful Copper Moose Merino in several colors in that stash behind me.

 In the newly organized closet I have bins of projects that have been banished. There are also boxes of wool that I bought for projects that I know I posted about that never even got started. Also shameful.

I am not even going to mention the twelve Knit Picks kits I have waiting to be cast on or the very expensive Swirl Shawl kit from JoJo Land that I couldn't live without-that is also still in the package. Now I just need about three years of being locked in the house with nothing to do to get all this done-which would only work if I don't buy anymore stuff in the meantime.
What's that you say? The MD Sheep and Wool Fest is only four days away? I better figure out a way to clear some more shelf space. Sigh....


  1. Ahahahahaha!!! I love the way your mind works!

  2. ha hahha. Yes you have to buy a BIT more or why go to the festival!~

  3. Oh my... and I thought my 10 boxes of yarn during the move was bad....

  4. Surely you can fit another shelving unit in that room!

  5. HA HA
    you can always spill out of the little wooly room and say take over another of the house... after all you need to bring home some new goodies.