Thursday, April 25, 2013

Restraint or Lack Thereof

The Gulf Coast fleece that I had put on to soak a few days ago was clean enough for color-and there I tread lightly. Past experience has taught me that less is more so I gingerly picked out two similar colors to mix and mingle.

 So far so good but on one of her last day's living here, Daughter got involved. When she saw I had neon colors in the dye stash all was lost.

 It seems neon is the new black.

 In no time at all the Gulf Coast was looking almost good enough to eat.

 After a good steaming I had more color than I knew what to do with.

 I confess it made me happy. Spring has still been hit or miss around here. Where is that sun when you need it?

Who cares when I can make my own candy colored rainbow. Squeeee.....


  1. Well someone had a fun and colorful day! If it wasn't so late I think I would get some of that fun going in my kitchen. TOMORROW for sure. See what you started! :-D

  2. Nothing wrong with embracing your inner neon rainbow!

  3. OMG you couldn t have created happier colors! WHEEEE

  4. love! and especially will be nice on a cold rainy day next winter to get them out and make something fabulous !