Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Taking Stock

 I'd been in a general frump all day from being glued to CNN watching the events in Boston play and re-play as if I was expecting a better ending. When it didn't come I decided to go out and pull all my "friends" out of the shed. I have been waiting for better weather to get serious about washing fleece but I needed something to do. 

What I was really after was that Clun Forest fleece that I had bought last November. I knew I had washed some but I couldn't find it anywhere. It seems it might have got mixed up in my Romney X bin by mistake so I needed to wash more.

I certainly have plenty. I had packed it away for winter without including a note about what it was though. That was bad.

Clun Forest has teeny tiny locks so I was pretty sure that was what was in the bag. I also used the blog to help figure it out by identifying the bag it arrived in. Our black bags have red handles, this one had blue so I am pretty sure it was a match.

I bagged up a good amount and set it to soak until morning. That goes a long way in removing the dirt.

I also have a large bag of Jacob to deal with...

...and some Corrie/Cormo/Bl X.....

 ...and lots more of my Romney X that I am not too fond of, but since the cats love the rugs I made from it, I need to dig the loom out of the craft room mess and get weaving again.

The biggest surprise I had was that I still have a GIANT bag of Gulf Coast that needs something done to it.

Looks like there is going to be lots of this...

....and this in my future.



  1. Soft and fluffy is a surefire way to bring some cheer!

  2. perfect we both changed a horrid day with wool.