Friday, April 5, 2013

An Easter Miracle

 Early in the morning on Easter Sunday I sat down to finish the Arietta. I had this much yarn left when I was done. I didn't need any extra yarn after all.

I had already spun this much just-in-case yarn but I didn't care. I didn't want to weave in any ends if I didn't have to. It is never fun with something as full of holes as this particular pattern.

 With Ben-Hur on TCM blasting in the background, I gave her a good soak.

I had to go pick up Daughter at the airport so I had to enlist The Mister to help me pin her out. Just look at all those picot points.

Goodness. This little shawlette, knit from one very small ball of spindle spun yarn, is huge.

I can't get the whole thing in the picture but I promise a real mug shot as soon as she is dry. Now to find a place to put her where the kitties can't get her. Can't you just imagine all the fun they would have?


  1. Shawl blocking is big stuff for my Lilly Bean too. I must tell you that shawl is simply GORGEOUS! I love that color but I don't even want to know what kind of charts you had to follow for all that lace. Charts intimidate me. Well actually they scare the bageezees out of me and so do all those pins you had to use to block with. :-D

  2. gorgeous. I think my favourite part of knitting lace is blocking and watching the pattern come to life!