Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Surprises

Daughter always goes out of her way to find a yarn shop wherever she may be traveling. She brings me back an unusual skein or two usually in her favorite color-green. I am making her some simple mittens from a skein of Calligraphy by Pollinette, her latest fuzzy souvenir from New Orleans. It's too bad I can't find an internet source for this because it is some gorgeous stuff. I know what you are thinking-that it looks an awful lot like my wonky handspun but trust me, this is different in that it is as soft as a cloud and still 100% unspecified wool. All my unspecified wool feels like barbed wire.

This ball of Sakki by Plymouth, a merino, mohair and nylon blend, will be a pair of socks for her also. She brought this back from a wedding on Cape Cod a while back. I have never heard of mohair sock yarn before but apparently it is what it is meant to be, fuzz and all.


  1. I have a pair of 50% mohair socks that I love so much. Some of my alpaca fibre that I send to the mill, I will ask that they blend it with 20% mohair instead of nylon. It's an Eco friendly option to nylon since nylon is very hard on the environment to make. I was told that mohair is the strongest fibre out there. Socks knitted with that yarn are still doing great, we'll see how long they last without the nylon. Wish I had a daughter that travelled and brought me back yarn. Her choices are perfect! What a great way to discover new yarns.

  2. Love the mitt! That yarn looks so cool!
    Mohair socks!!! Wow.... whenever I think mohair, all I can think of is the mohair lace sweater I begged my mom to make when I was 8. She made it - it was beautiful - purple and lacy and fuzzy.... and so darn itchy I never wore it!

  3. I think it's great that your daughter loves to buy you yarn and loves for you to knit her something.

  4. I love the mitten!!!!!! It is so soft looking and warm looking!!!