Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yes. I Did.

 Through the magic of blog time, you can see that indeed I did go ahead and buy enough fabric to make another Serendipity quilt-hopefully with new and improved seam allowances.

As soon as I hit the button on publishing that miserable fail post, I went and ordered almost one of everything Connecting Threads had in the Home Front line of fabric. Now I just hope my math is correct or else I might have well just thrown another fifty bucks in the trash.

I don't comment here very often about current events but I sure hope the a-holes who played dirty in Boston yesterday get a swift kick in the pants from karma.


  1. That a girl! If at first you don't succeed ...try, try again! It's the sign of a true crafter. You'll get it right this time because stuff always turns out better the second time around. ;-)

  2. no no this time you'll have great success I just know it