Saturday, April 20, 2013

Congratulations are in Order

 I haven't said anything before now but my life was turned upside down last October.

 That's when Daughter and her new husband moved in.

 They needed a place to stay while they were house hunting.

 My house became a storage facility overnight. It's been like living on a train for six months.

 Every square inch of space is covered.

 I don't even know who belongs to what anymore.

 I've got book cases in front of book cases.

 Those blue storage thingys hold my good china. They are under the TV along with a lot of other random junk.

No potential storage space was overlooked. Random junk is everywhere.

 I've even got a kitty box in the dining room.

We have had five fussy kitties sharing the same space for a long time now. Ah choo.

I've forgotten what windows are for.

I never want to see another plastic bin. Ever. I wake up surrounded by them and I spend all day tripping over them.

I can confess all this now because yesterday afternoon Daughter and Son in Law went to closing on their very first house.

Hot diggity dog. Let the moving begin!


  1. oh sweet Lord
    you are Sainted. The bins stacked in front of the windows alone qualify you...never mind the fact you made all those Christmas fruitcakes during this.... congrats to the kids for moving back out. ;)

  2. What a wonderful gift you gave them letting them and their STUFF stay over... and what a long overnight it was!!!

    You did something only someone who really LOVES them would do..

    I love their new house

  3. I bet a good sense of humor was required to live in those conditions. The things we do to help our kids out! Kids must be so happy to have found a home and you will think your home is huge now!
    Enjoy all your space!

  4. They are lucky they found such a cute house and you're lucky they actually took all their stuff with them to the new house. Mine left a large portion of their stuff here when they moved out!