Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Woolly Wednesday:Part 2

The locks took more than one day to dry as the sun decided to desert me and the wind took them for a ride all over the yard. I had to bring them in and to keep them away from the kitties, I couldn't lay them all out flat for optimum drying.

 As soon as they were dry, I couldn't resist playing with them. I love Cormo.

I gave the ends of the locks a gentle flicking out by twisting them in the middle.

 It didn't take much to end up with this pretty pile of fluff.

Then I pulled it out carefully so I could spin it.

These little bits and pieces are fiddly but  perfect for my tiny drop spindles. I am planning on a rainbow of colors all spun willy nilly in a fingering weight for a lace project during this year's TdF. I seem to already have a lot of things planned for this year's race and it's only just April. Don't even ask me what became of all that yarn I spun for last's year's event. I have no idea.