Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Tiny Needle Tuesday

I spent a ridiculously long time ripping out the old garden this week.......

....and "planting" a new one with better colors. Ripping out all those green stitches that surrounded the flowers was no fun at all. I'm sad to say that I doubt I will get much further than this before I pack it away and get out December's Llama Lump. I started it last year and I think it's going to be a finish if I get an early start on the season. 

The Mister had a late afternoon therapy session yesterday and Pup and I got to watch the town dudes putting up the strings of lights. 

Last week we got to see them putting up all of the garland that hangs on the boardwalk. It's a lot of garland.

They move the big balls around every year and this year they put them on the very end of the pier. I wish I could have been there to see that. 

Some of you asked to see the tree once it was put together and here it is. I'm not sure when they are going to be lighting it this year because the town has decided to have a float parade on December 1st instead of the usual lighting ceremony. They want us all to decorate our cars or trucks with a holiday movie theme. If I had one of those giant skellys I might think about doing The Nightmare Before Christmas. I've always wanted to dress up like Sally....lol. 

Back at home I stopped at the mailbox to find some surprises. Karen sent me a tealight advent calendar from Yankee Candle. My mother always gave us a Yankee Candle for Christmas so this brings back fond memories. Her favorite was Home for the Holidays and I still can't smell it without getting weepy. I also have a sweet postcard from Diana. I love postcards and have a big collection of them most of which come from some dear friends in Latvia and Ukraine. Our little blog circle is still missing dear Liana who was such an inspiration to us all with her exquisite stitching. We haven't heard from her since the war began. I think of her often when I start to complain about first world problems. Those of us in places that haven't gone mad (yet) have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am especially thankful for all of you. 


  1. It must have been the week for unpicking! Pretty town decorations and I love the card you received. So cute!

  2. Your town really decorates! In our town, the Boy Scouts put up a tree and that's about it. We used to have lovely lighted snowflakes but the powers that be decided the electricity cost was too high. I don't know Liana, but thank you for the reminder to be grateful for what we have and that we are not caught in the middle of a war.

  3. Picking out little stitches is certainly no fun!

  4. Very fun to see the pier and boardwalk getting decorated!!! Nice job on the unstitching! Grrr. The advent calender is beautiful!

  5. I was just going to write you and ask about Liana. I read her blog too. She seems so nice and was very, very talented. I do hope she found somewhere safe to be.

    Your town sure is going to be pretty for Christmas. I hope you'll get to go down for the float parade and BE Sally.

  6. One town dude seems to be disinterested in helping the other dude. Love the giant ornaments!