Monday, November 27, 2023

Big Batch


I hate to leave leftover soap supplies laying about so I've been on a quest to use everything up so I can clean the room. I need the space to make Christmas cards. I thought I would make one big batch of soap and that would be the end of it. Spoiler Alert: I was wrong. 

I used my biggest containers and mixed up a 64 ounce batter and then split it in half so I could make two different loaves out of it. Different is the operative word here. I am perplexed at how different they are. The pink one is still a bit soft, like most soap is when it comes out of the mold and the green one is already rock hard. How? Why? Same batter, same everything but color and scent. I did stack them on top of each other in the cooler I use for an incubator so maybe the green one, that was on the bottom, got cooked more and went through a gel phase? I dunno. It's all such a mystery.

The green one is Avocado. No hemp in this one. I'm out of it. Just plain avocado-oil and butter. 

This one is Harlequin Romance. It's the same avocado batter-just pink. The colors on this one are interesting. The ends are pretty, the middle plain. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. It's annoying. 

I thought that might be the end of it but I had just enough to whip up some non-dairy Honey and Lemon with my leftover coconut milk. I don't care what this one looks like because it smells heavenly. When it is cut and on the drying racks tomorrow I can FINALLY give the room a good cleaning. 

I've got work to do. 


  1. So, Gorgeous. Harlequin is so neat! Have fun with the Christmas coloring this year :)

  2. Such pretty soaps!! You've made a lot.

  3. Soap sure seems like it does what it wants! I can almost smell that honey and lemon and it looks so nice and bright.

  4. That yellow/white is REALLY pretty.

  5. Very cool differences! Sometimes certain scents can affect the hardness of a soap bar. These are stunning bars and nice to end this season on a win-win!