Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Wednesday Walkabout, WIPs and Watercolor


I confess that I did not get that painting done on Monday. It was supposed to rain and the humidity was terrible so I put it off for a better day when I could open the windows. That should have been yesterday but it was too pretty to stay in-so we went out for an early morning walk to look at boats. I should be painting today. We'll see. 

As for WIPs, the socks are getting close to the heel.

Eleven is almost done. I'm at the boring neck which always takes me forever to finish.

Eleven would have been done if I hadn't gotten all fired up about something else. This is what happens when you clean out the stash closet. I found the bag of leftovers from last year's Fright Club hat that I LOVE. I love it so much I made it twice in two weights. Now I want some mitts to go with the worsted weight Swish version. I was up until two o'clock on Monday night starting, stopping and ripping until I got it right because I am flying blind here making it up as I go along. I think I'm on the right track now. I did have to mix up the colors because I have more of some than I have of others and that's fine. They will be siblings. for watercolor, now that the baby sampler is out of the downstairs craft room I can make all the mess I want so I did. My plan has always been to swatch out all of my many watercolor sets. I've done a few of them but have many, many more to go. This week I did those fun little pull out paints by Meeden. All I can say is that I hope I do better with that hallway painting than I did with these. I made quite the mess and that rag I used ended up being the best looking thing of 


  1. The mitts are beautiful.

    Wouldn't you love a place in those condos on the water. I would just sit and stare out the window all day long.

  2. I adore the Advent sweaters! Each one is cuter than the last. I don’t remember seeing the Fright Club hat, but I like it and the mitts your making, too.

  3. Sure looks like you are having fun with all your projects. The socks are gorgeous and those mitts will be incredible!

  4. So many pretty things in one post! Love it!
    I too spent a good chunk of my knit frogging... I just could not seem to read a patter properly and get the right stitch count, which drove me crazy because it's a pattern, I've made TWICE before. I am on track now, and I bet you are with your mitt too - it looks great

  5. You've got lots going on. Love the sweater, they are all so cute. The socks and mitts look great too. I'm like Dee. I would love one of those condos overlooking the water.