Thursday, August 4, 2022

Two for the Road


We had to take the long drive to Lowe's to order the new door and the only travel knitting I had ready to go was the two-on-one-needle socks which was not ideal for a car ride but worked out better than I thought. I got to use my new big sheep sock bag which I bought when I was all into that two on one needle thing but never got a chance to use it. 

Ordering the new door was pretty painless. 

The guy behind the desk seemed to know his stuff and as a bonus-he was masked. Most of the folks were masked which was a relief. I'm really not up to catching Covid when we have so much to do. Now we wait. We are having it installed so the measuring guy will have to come out to help us figure out the new door and storm door sizes before we can put the order in. 

In other sock news, I have finished the latest Lofotens and they are tucked away in the gift box which is still full of last year's socks since I never got the opportunity over the winter to give any of them away. Now I get the fun of digging in the giant sock yarn bin and deciding what comes next. Oh, joy.


  1. Pretty, pretty. Love the Lofoten socks and your new ones are such a pretty shade of mint green.

  2. Such pretty socks. Your big sheep bag is adorable.

  3. The Lofoten socks are beauties! Love the pops of color in the two-on-one socks.

  4. Great start, and a great finish!

  5. Sounds like a very good day! The socks are beauties and the new ones look great!