Friday, August 12, 2022

Friday Fluff


I finished the last bobbin of the California Red that was left undyed this week. That's Trinidad and she's the California Red. I picked up her fleece at the last MDSW I attended which seems like ages ago.

It's not the softest of fleece.

I've got 270 grams of it now so I'm not sure what it will become. 

I'll have plenty of options once I spin my way through all those little batts I just divided into nests. I also have a HUGE bin of her fleece that I still need to turn into batts. I'm really looking forward to some cool weather so I can get out all my carding toys and spend the day outside cranking away. 


  1. You've got a rainbow of colors there!

  2. I'm ready for the weather to break so I can play outside without wilting! The fiber looks very inviting!