Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Walkabouts, WIPs and Watercolor


When we took Pup out for a walk the other morning I took my knitting. I don't usually knit walk in public but we weren't walking anywhere interesting and I was really into getting those heels turned on the Kitesurfing pair so off we went. I got a few strange looks but who cares. I stuck the ball of yarn under my arm and off I went. 

In fact, I have four socks all having their heels turned at the same time. That's no fun. I'm not sure how that happened but I sure didn't plan it. 

Number 11 is done and Number 12 is off to a good start.

The first Fright Club mitt is almost done. I think one more repeat and it will be time for ribbing.

As for watercolor, I splashed around another one of my sets this week. 

But....what I should be doing is coloring dogs and cats. I feel like I've made hundreds but there are only eight finished. Golly, I really need to pick up the pace. According to Alexa, Christmas is only 123 days away.


  1. Wow! Lots of sock heels. I admire you. I'm amazed that you can turn a heel while walking around. The sweaters are really sweet. Someday I may try to make them for Christmas too. You have many fun projects on the go and I think the puppy cards are darling.
    I have enough yarn for 3 pair of socks that I'm taking on our road trip. Better too much yarn than to run out isn't it?

  2. I really like turning the heel on socks - so magical! That Fright Mitt is beautiful!

  3. If you do my ribbing, I'll do your heel turns. LOL The kitties and pups are adorable.

  4. I can’t imagine knitting while walking, so I’m VERY impressed. Love the mitts!

  5. Great collection of in progress socks! The mitts look totally fab!

    I cast off the body of the baby cardi today, and now I'm just deciding if I will do short or long sleeves. I'm leaning towards short because Im just not finding much time to knit!

  6. Nice socks, but amazing that you can work on them while you walk. I'd certainly run into something or fall off into the bushes! I'm way behind on blog reading, so what are you going to do with those those cute coloring blocks! Scary that Christmas seems to creep on one way too fast, isn't it?