Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


The baby sampler is done. All I need now is a name and a date and it's off to be framed. 

That finish leaves a hole in my project schedule so I went looking for something to fill it. I've got plenty of choices. I do believe it's the sheep's turn to be an FO. There's so little left to do. 

When I went to clean out the basket I was using for the baby sampler I found this unfinished thing in the bottom.

It's not unfinished now. It took two tries to get the felt on the back sewn on right. I ended up machine stitching it because my hand stitching looked terrible. The machine stitching looks great. I also put the tassel in the wrong place. It was supposed to go in the loop under 2022 but I forgot and poked a hole in the bottom. Oh, well...only we know it's wrong.

I also found the patterns for all those adorable stacked critter projects that I just bought but I wouldn't let myself start one until I finished Arctic Circle Santa that slowed down and came to a halt with the beading. I'm not a fan but I will say there was beading happening yesterday. I really want to get at those stacked critters. 


  1. Lots accomplished! Love the Baby Sampler - you blew through that one!

  2. Nice projects. Finishing those projects so close to being done will be satisfying and give you the motivation to do even more.

  3. Nice finish on the sampler!!!! The bookmark turned out great!