Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Nothing But Blue Skies


I've been working my way through all that blue sky at the top of the sheep sampler. There was supposed to be a banner up there but I didn't like it so sky it is-all the way across. It's really not so bad. I like that polka dot effect even though I do lose count sometimes and have to rip back. 

There was some beading done. I did the underside of the sheep in the gray beads. The new magnifying light makes a world of difference.

And........I added four more Dear Jane blocks to the finished pile. I'm not going to sew that lattice together to make rows until I decide how big I want this thing to be. I learned my lesson with the Sunflower quilt so I am going to make sure this thing is NOT 13 blocks wide and 13 blocks long. No freaking way. Jane was out of her mind.


  1. Love that sheep sampler and the way the sky looks with the polka dots. The beading adds a lot to the sheep. I think that it is neat. :-)
    Dear Jane is looking good too. I really like how each block is so different.

  2. Isn't it crazy how filling in a solid color takes SOOOOO long? It's looking beautiful.

  3. I like that polka dot sky too! Very cute.

  4. Great job on the projects. I agree that Jane was out of her mind, but the finished quilt is uniquely beautiful.

  5. I love that sheep sampler! And you are so close to finishing!!!