Thursday, August 18, 2022



Yesterday did indeed turn out to be hall painting day but I had an early morning chore I had to attend to first. The warp that I have been winding was on one of the hallway doors and had to be moved off the warping board and onto the loom. 

I haven't done any of this in ages so I asked The Mister to give me a hand. It really takes two to get it done right. I have figured out how to do it by myself but I didn't have time to fool around. 

The whole time he's helping me crank he's giving me the side eye. He doesn't understand why I need any more handwoven dishtowels when I already have made all of these. This is from a man with two whole bookshelves full of car models he can't stop making. 

Before we could start painting I had to go dig out something I could use for painting clothes and find my designated painting crocks. You can see by the vintage splotches that I paint everything one color. White. Actually the paint I am using for the living area is called Distant Gray. It's a very pale gray that The Mister insists is just white because I suppose it actually is. 

The hardest part of the whole day was not to die from laughing when The Mister showed up in his "painting" clothes. He's a very neat painter so I am happy to report that Charlie Brown made it through the day just fine. 


  1. Your dish towel caddy is full of such beautiful towels. It "almost" makes me want to learn how to make them myself.
    As for The Misters painting clothes. It did make me smile so early in the morning. :-)

  2. LOL - your painting clothes (and those of the Mister) crack me up!! Well done on getting the painting finished.

  3. OMG ------------I am so GLAD Charlie Brown made it through. Thanks so much for the hearty laugh this morning!!!

  4. Lol. I can't actualy laugh too much, because I actually have a painting dress. One of my Old Navy dresses that I wore once while painting something outside... figured I didn't need to change, then I leaned right over the darn thing and got paint all over my dress! I used it now for mudding drywal and doing anything where I'm going to get dirty. I like it because it's much cooler than shorts and a t-shirt when the weather is boiling and I have to do some hard, dirty work.