Thursday, August 25, 2022

Home Improvement


We were back to getting things done this week. After I did all the touch up painting in the hallway it was time for some new fancy doorknobs.

The first one was a bear figuring it all out but after that it was smooth sailing. 

The hero of the day was this Dremel kit. I had bought it to buzz Pup's nails but she hated it. It's been gathering dust until yesterday. The skeptical Mister was impressed. This little thing has power. We used it to shave wood and metal to get the door plates to fit. 

We also installed new vent covers over our giant return ducts. My old ones were a mess even after a good scrubbing. One fit. One did not. I neglected to notice which way the louvers were going. I have another one on order that goes the right way.

I ended the busy day by giving The Mister's bathroom a coat of Kilz. We won't be painting it until it cools down outside but I couldn't bear looking at those icky walls any longer. Even with the window we get mold issues in that room from time to time most likely because we live a few blocks from a large body of water with crazy humidity. I'm also sure both of us having to take 5 hot showers a day during The Great Itch didn't help either. the "it's always something file...we started wondering what ever happened to that new refrigerator that we bought several weeks ago. They said it would take a week or so for delivery but it's been almost a month now so yesterday we called. Lowe's first told us that we had never ordered one. Then they said we must have taken it with us. After lots of back and forth they decided we did indeed pay for one but we have to start all over with ordering it so maybe it will show up sometime next week. We hope. 


  1. Where did you order the vent covers from? I need to do the same

  2. As Roseanne Rosanadana said --- "It's always something". Hope your new fridge finds you soon.

  3. You two never seem to slow down!