Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Walkabout Wednesday and WIPs


It's the last day of August and I know some of you are celebrating the end of summer but around here summer lasts until just about Halloween anymore. It's hot as blazes with no relief in sight. We took a ride around town the other day to look at what people did for porches to get some ideas on what we might do for one when we came upon this flamingo garden in someones's front yard. That's something you don't see every day.

As for WIPs...the socks are past their gussets and heading to their conclusions.

In a few more rows the sleeves will be joined to the yoke on Number 12.

And.....I had to fight second mitt syndrome on the other Fright Club mitt. If I'd had any sense I would have knit both at the same time but I didn't think that far ahead. They are some monster mitts. I got a bit carried away. 


  1. I'm all caught up on your blog--so nice to see so many projects on the go and other than the wasp stings...pretty painless otherwise!

  2. They may be monster mitts, but they look like they will be warm and cozy come cold weather (if we ever get any). The flamingo garden cracks me up!

  3. Love the flamingo garden! Though I would have put some plants under them so they aren't playing in the bare dirt.

    Love all your knits, of course, but those mitts are the best!

  4. The flamingos are a hoot, especially the one with the fluffy tail.

  5. That flamingo garden is quite imaginative. I love them! The mitts and the socs are both looking good. I do like those tiny sweaters too. You have lots happening on your needles.