Saturday, August 20, 2022

Dirty Work


I did have to paint the second coat on the hallway all by myself. The Mister's hand was terribly swollen in the morning. I told him not to go out there and bother those wasps but did he listen....of course not. Maybe this time he will learn that wasps are nothing to mess with especially this time of year. Daughter has a student that got stung so many times over the weekend she ended up in the ER. She's fine now but how scary that must have been.

Second coats don't take long so I had it knocked out in no time. While I was covered up in my old paint clothes I decided it was time to tackle some other dirty jobs I had lined up. This is my last bag of craft stuff that was packed away during the Great Itch. I haven't had the courage to unpack it but its time had come. 

I was hand quilting this last winter and the way it lays all over me I knew it had to be infected. It's been bagged up since March so there is nothing to worry about anymore but I gave it a lint rolling and an alcohol wipe down. It's still too hot to work on it but at least it will be ready when the weather is. 

Ditto for Rainbow Kitty. I haven't touched it since last winter either so it got the same treatment. 

Since this doesn't lay on you while you are working on it, it wasn't too hot to start again. I literally had to force myself to pick up the wool and start to hook a little. I have to say both these things gave me the willies to touch again. It's all in my head I know but that's where those nasty mites get you the worst. Every innocent little itch is a reason to panic anymore. It never ends. 


  1. Good to see Rainbow Kitty again! Hope you can show it some love.

  2. Good for you in getting the painting all completed. I'm glad that you got your last craft bag unpacked, even if it gave you the willies. I'm sure they'll all be fine though I can imagine how it plays headgames with you. It will be fun to see Rainbow Kitty growing again.
    Hope The Misters hand is better very soon.