Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Too Hot to Walkabout Wednesday


It was too darn hot to walk anywhere yesterday but on Monday we went back out to Lowe's to get the trim for the hallway. The door measuring guys came out last week and now we have to wait until the end of the month for them to get back to put in the doors so we are going to tackle the hall instead of the tile. They said it would be better to tile after they finished the door which makes sense. 

The best part of that long and boring trip was that I ORDERED MY NEW REFRIGERATOR. Long before we started tearing out the old kitchen I had wanted a new one. My old one is too small. I have to take everything out of the freezer whenever I want to find something and I am so over it. Of course, like everything it won't be here for a while-at least a couple of weeks but it's on its way which is half the battle. The Mister fought me long and hard on this because the old fridge works fine. I just hate it. 

In spite of there being a heat advisory yesterday, The Mister went out to play golf so I had the day to myself. We had no cable or internet for most of the day so I managed to get a lot done. I have half of the binding finished on the baby quilt. 


I got half of the warp wound for the Winter Lichen towels. 

I lost the whole afternoon fiddling with the Christmas card design with some new paper I got in the mail. 

I really liked the black and white print paper on the original kitty card I made but can't find that paper anywhere anymore. I did find a stamp that looks like it but as you can see getting a nice crisp imprint is near impossible so I'll just keep playing with different papers until I find one I like. 

And........I thought I would share this photo that Daughter sent me from her birthday lunch. SIL took her to Chef Jose Andre's new restaurant called Spanish Diner which she loved and afterwards they discovered the Laduree nearby which sells these amazing looking macarons. I've only had them once before from another shop in Georgetown so I know how good they are even if they are just too darn pretty to eat. 


  1. Sounds like things are moving along. Hoping your new frig comes quickly. Looks/sounds like your daughter had a lovely birthday!

  2. I know what you mean about refrigerators. We bought a new one shortly after we moved in. While I don't hate's fine. It certainly doesn't hold as much as you think it should. It's very poorly designed inside. I took most of the shelves out and it works fine for us, but I have no idea how you would fit stuff in there with all the shelves they had inside.

  3. This heat wave has to break soon. The power went out yesterday afternoon and was restored five hours later. I managed to read a book without the distraction of the internet.

  4. I'd admire the maccaroon just before I took a big bite! lol Yay for getting a new fridge. Glad the day saw a lot of good things for you!