Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday Fluff: The Third Wheel

I dug out the last of my spinning wheels this week and claimed a corner of the living room for it. My other two wheels are in an opposite corner. The look I'm going for now is a fiber workshop that's taking place in an Ikea. It may be odd to some but it's starting to feel like home to me again. 

I'm spinning the last of my MDSW fiber stash on it. I used to have a big bag of the pretty stuff but this was it. That's sad. It's BFL in the Emerald Isle colorway from Misty Mountain Farms one of my favorite vendors. 

That poor little braid has been sitting on the shelf watching his friends get chosen over it for years because I thought it was ugly. Boy, was I wrong. 

The spindles are still seeing some action and got a wind off this week. I've been sitting on the floor and spinning in between coats of paint. We should be done the hallway today. Five doors make it slow going PLUS The Mister managed to go outside and get stung on his hands 5 times by wasps trying to take out the trash. I may be painting alone today if the swelling doesn't go down. 


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry about he wasp stings on The Mister. I have bad reactions to stings so I truly sympathize with him.
    Oh the wheel. I miss my wheel and the fiber choices. You're having so much fun playing with your new (old) toys that you haven't seen for awhile. Good for you!

  2. Hope the Mister is feeling better soon. Yikes. Five! Not fun.

  3. Very pretty colors. Hope your painting is finished today and I hope the Mister is doing ok after that many wasp stings!