Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday: Raccoon Rabble


With all the excitement happening this weekend I didn't have any quiet stitching time but last week I was marching pretty steadily across all that blue sky. I also got a few more beads on Arctic Santa's sheep but it doesn't look much different. 

I could have finished that beaded sheep if I hadn't been sidetracked. I said I wasn't going to start any of the Stacked Critter projects until the beaded sheep was done but then this one came in the mail on Wednesday and I HAD to get started. I did run aground with the pumpkin. I didn't like the DMC equivalent so I am waiting for the Weeks Dye Works floss that the kit called for. It is more of a mottled orange. 

The biggest tiny needle news is that I bought a box of foam core board and some acid free double sided tape. I spent $100 on the stuff to frame the little Needles and Pins sampler last week and there is no way I am paying to have all my projects framed only to have no walls to hang them on. What I am doing is stretching them out, like I saw someone doing on YouTube, and propping them up here or there in the craft rooms. Sheep Virtues was the first to go. I think it's going to be fun digging out all my finished work. Hopefully I'll have a few more to show off next week. 


  1. Cute projects. The racoon is too cute!

  2. All of your stitching is so fine and neat! Sheep virtues looks great and that's a good idea for displaying your pieces. The stacked critters piece is adorable!

  3. That’s a clever idea for your finished projects. One of the reasons I stopped stitching was the lack of wall space. I may need to revisit that decision.

  4. That's a great way to show off your beautiful projects. And you know how much I love the sheep virtues. That little raccoon is so sweet. I'm looking forward to seeing it when you finish.