Sunday, August 21, 2022

Almost Nailing It


In spite of The Mister's hand still looking pretty terrible from all the stings he was raring to go on the floor molding in the hallway yesterday. That means I spent the morning crawling around knocking in nails. Good times. 

I told him in no uncertain terms that I was taking Sunday off. No sanding, no touch up painting just me in the sewing room. I found these pre-cuts when I was cleaning out the stash and wanted to turn them into the placemats I so desperately need. 

But....when I went to get things ready for my big day in the sewing room that material wasn't doing it for me. Since summer is in its last gasp, I wanted something fallish so I went stash diving instead.

I found some fall batiks and two kits for making a table runner that was veggie themed. Before I knew it I had cut up a bunch of the material....

...sewed it all together, sandwiched it and quilted it. I got to try out my new machine quilting fabric glide which resulted in the worst looking stippling I've done since I first got the Juki. I kept bumping the edges of the glide but I did like how it held the fabric down. 

The next thing I knew I had an almost finished placemat and all the stuff cut out for the second one. I wasn't wild about the results. I should have just followed the kit instructions and let that veggie material speak for itself. Since I have two kits I can try it again. I may have not liked the product but I really liked the process. I can see a drawer full of placemats in my future. 


  1. Ha - I told Dave the same thing - today is sewing day! Leave me alone!!!

    Love your place mats. Once we get the dining room done, I plan to have a set for every month. Of course, I wont have to worry about that for a while. Finishing the diningroom is a long way off.

  2. I like the placemat. The colors defnitely say fall to me.