Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Week Eleven


I don't want to jinx myself but Pup has her checkup this afternoon. Barring an earthquake, tornado or the rapture, I am hoping we get there this time. As for Me and The Mister, things are starting to get back to normal. I cleared out the sewing room and had time to start finishing the Sunflower quilt yesterday while he was out cleaning the shed. Normal stuff for a change. No more boiling laundry or scrubbing floors everyday. 

We are still taking every precaution. We still do lots of laundry and still take lots of showers and vacuum  from top to bottom daily. He still has a bit of a rash, I'm still getting hives from time to time but it's  certainly an improvement. The house is still wrapped in plastic. We've got boxes everywhere of all the new stuff that will replace the old stuff once we are comfortable enough to do it. We are still a bit wary. 

All of the boxes aren't boring linens. One of them is my Mother's Day haul from Daughter. I've got some Static for socks. 

I've got the slipper kit that will be packed away until winter. 

And.....I've got the Hue Shift Afghan kit. 

Look at all that pretty acrylic. I've got to get Audun finished before I can start playing with these big fluffy beauties so I need to get moving. 


  1. Good luck with Pup's doctor visit.

  2. Beautiful stash enhancement!! Sending all the best wishes for Pup's check up today.

  3. The vet visit will be a relief-you're going to get a clear bill of health and the vet will learn to spot mange earlier!!!! The boxes will be a good reward for the good report!

  4. Oh I do hope everything goes well today. You have lots of beautiful and fun things to play with when the all clear is given. Lucky you.

  5. Sending good vibes for Pup’s checkup.