Sunday, June 12, 2022

Funny You Should Ask.......


Someone asked me to do a post about weaving for beginners the day I posted about Pup's sling that I made out of a cotton tote bag.  It was perfect timing because the bag I used for Pup was the bag that I kept my lease sticks and other weaving doo dads in. 

When I took them out to cut up the bag I looked at them in curiosity. My poor Wolf Pup has been packed up since 2019 when we started the ill fated and never ending remodel. I am going to have to do a lot of re-learning when it comes to getting back into weaving. It's all a blur but I do recall those lease sticks being very important. 

I actually stick them in and secure them to the cross before I move the warp to the loom. 

I'm also going to have to figure out what to do with my warping board. I used to hang it on the wooden pantry door in the old kitchen but that's gone now and I am NOT putting it on my new doors and risk scratching them up. 

The method I used for getting everything where it needs to go was a hybrid of lots of tutorials I  have watched over the years. This one from WEBs on YouTube is the best. It's the one that pretty much sums of what I do and how I do it. I'm not sure where I got the idea for the counting threads but I do remember they are a life saver-like a life line in lace knitting. 

My own posts and photos are helping me remember some of the tricks I used. Clothespins keep everything straight and counted while I thread the heddles. 

I also remember it takes a lot of time and patience to go through all the many steps but I remember I enjoyed each one very much. It's that very slowness that's appealing. It forces you to settle down and become very mindful. 

Of course I need more dishtowels like I need more socks-meaning I don't. I have a HUGE box of towels already just sitting here waiting for me to figure out where to put them when I finally get the new kitchen sorted out.

But I also have an 8/2 cotton weaving stash that is now even bigger than this one from an old photo so we know how that's going to go. I have a thing for buying kits and I get most of mine from Cotton Clouds. The price will make you swoon but one project can last for months and months so it's worth it. In fact, I have a new kit on the way. (!)

It won't be long (I hope) before I'll be back doing this again. 

I miss the rhythm of it. You can rid yourself of a lot of frustration beating that fabric good and tight.

Even though every step is as fiddly as it gets it is all very rewarding. I do need to up my hemming game though. I'm pretty sloppy about it. 

So....I'll be more than happy to do some real step by step weaving posts one day-as soon as we get through all this Pup drama and my living room looks like this again. Thanks for asking!


  1. I find weaving fascinating and would love to learn how but know I probably never will. The patterns always turn out so pretty and neat, but all of those steps! I would lose my mind. The slowness of it all would frustrate me to no end. :-) I'm a production crafter, not a process one!
    I am looking forward to admiring your weaving again though.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Ooooooooooooooooo...the colors on that last towel. Oh my word! That is GORGEOUS!

  3. Oh, how nice to be able to see you weave again! I miss it but just couldn't handle the frustrations of warping! How exciting for you!