Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


I really needed to get to work on the latest baby sampler but stuck here on the living room floor, always keeping one eye on Pup, I wasn't sure how to proceed. Since I am not sleeping in my Ikea chair anymore I decided using its bare bones for a stitching stand just might work and it did. 

An old island stool makes a handy floss rack and a knitting stand holds the pattern and all the other whatnots.

In four days I've managed to get this much done. I figure if I stitch one block a day I could have it done in 26 days. I know I won't but at least I've got a plan.

As for today's Pupdate....she's standing really well on that bad leg as you can see. We don't have to use the sling anymore.  She's actually driving me crazy. On Friday she will be off any restrictions so maybe....just maybe I'll have a life again. I've got so much to do. 


  1. Great start on the new sampler and YAY for Pup! Glad to hear she will be off restrictions at the end of the week.

  2. That's some pretty good progress on the stitching!

    Glad to see pup on her feet. Animals bounce back so well - it's keeping them settled that's difficult!

  3. Brilliant use of the IKEA chair. Such a cute sampler. Love it!
    So happy to see Pup up and ready to go and soon, no restrictions.

  4. Wow, it has been quite an adventure around your web. Time to untangle and get back to a new normal! The stitching is beautiful and I'm really glad that Pup is bouncing back!

  5. Pup’s got a sparkle in her eyes again. That’s wonderful. The sampler is cute.

  6. That is great progress on the baby piece. Glad to hear Pup is doing well.