Sunday, June 19, 2022

A Treasure Hunt


The Tour de France is just around the corner and I doubt I will be able to so much spinning but just in case, I spent yesterday digging out my spinning toys. In the process I remembered I bought some unwashed fleece last year from this pretty lady here, Cari. 

For the life of me I couldn't remember what became of her. Thank goodness for the blog because I can see from last year's post that I did indeed wash her. 

I also dyed part of the fleece but I never posted about what happened to any of it or posted a photo of it dry which is odd. 

After searching high and low I found her in a bag in the bottom of a closet. She needs to be carded which is an outside job. The weather is perfect this weekend for it, cool and breezy but I'm stuck inside with Pup. So sadly after all that searching Cari once again is on the back burner. 

I also dug out and wiped off all of my dusty drop spindle project baskets.....

....along with my support spindles. None of them have seen the light of day since last summer and I had to use the blog again to refresh my memory on just what was going on. I think I've got it. 

Of course, my biggest spinning derailment was in using up all the yarn I had spun the year before. I usually get a project or two out of them but not last year because the big itch descended in January. I couldn't handle wool, wear wool or even think about wool all winter thanks to some little creatures so small you can't even see them. If I hadn't of just lived it I wouldn't have believed it. It was like something out of science fiction-or a horror movie. 


  1. I remember Cari and love the colors she turned out to be. I'm sorry you won't get to spin much this year. Maybe Pup will do much better than you think and spinning will happen.
    I hope the nightmare of the unseen creatures is officially over for you.

  2. I have some idea how your big itch feels, but thank goodness I don't have mites and have to do everything you have done for months and months. I hope you get to spin and create. Also hope Pups surgery goes well this week.

  3. I have some fleece to card and spin, too. I hope to get to it but I am anxious to do a little bit of everything-dyeing, spinning, quilting, painting, knitting......!!!! lol