Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Purple Haze


Thanks to all the Pup drama I don't get outside much which is a shame because it really has been a lovely summer. I did notice when I had Pup out for her brief morning walk yesterday that all my summer blooms were blooming. 

I have rows and rows of pretty purple hosta flowers lining the sidewalks front and back.

My hydrangea isn't blooming like it usually does because it suffered a lot of damage when my poor pine tree out front went over. I had to trim it back and only the remaining top is in flower but the blooms that are there are a lovely lavender this year for some reason or another. 

Speaking of lavender....last year I made up a pot of mixed herbs and accidentally bought lavender when I thought I had bought sage. I have never had lavender bloom when I have tried to grow it on purpose but this one managed to put up some spikes of flowers. Go figure.

Oddly, everything in my herb pot survived a long winter of neglect which was a big surprise. Since I've been too preoccupied with my never ending disasters I've had no time to think about planting anything anywhere this year. It's a good thing Mother Nature had my back.


  1. Well, our hostas are mostly gone thanks to the deer. But, we have some pretty purple thistles blooming!

  2. Mother Nature did a pretty good job!!! My hydrangea doesn't look like it is going to bloom this year. So far, no buds. Lots of leaves. No buds! :-(

  3. I find sometimes you have to step back and let nature do its thing!

  4. Pretty blooms all around your yard. I love that they are all lavender colored.

  5. I love all of the blooming hostas! The hydrangea is gorgeous, too. I think the herbs always do better the next year and the more you don't mess with them, the happier they are!

  6. Your garden is blooming for me! Lavender is my favorite color. You have some beautiful blooms.