Friday, June 17, 2022

Trial Run


Well.....Pup did NOT have her surgery yesterday. After getting up at 5 am and then packing up to head out to the critter hospital we were home by 10. We had our consultation but the surgeon had an emergency fracture to deal with first so she decided it would be better to book another earlier slot on Monday and try again. Of course, with our luck, as soon as we got in the door the surgeon called us and said she could now fit Pup in but we were an hour away and had stopped at her favorite eatery and fed her some chicken nuggets on the way home since she hadn't eaten since 5 the night before. 

Now about that surgery....this is not Pup's actual xray but it's what we saw when the vet showed us hers. You can see that the left leg is above the hip socket. We were more than surprised to hear that what they are going to do is just saw off the top of the leg bone and let it float free among the muscles where it will eventually stabilize itself. Pup will be disabled for life but she won't be in pain as bone will no longer be touching bone. They can do a total hip replacement but it's not recommended for a dog her age or size or activity level. In other words, she will live out her days as a couch potato which I think she is more than happy to do. Que sera, sera...Since Pup has to spend Monday night in the hospital we booked a room in a nearby hotel this time to be close by. The recovery period for this surgery will be two weeks as opposed to two months for the total hip replacement. 

More drama ensued that afternoon when our vet, who promised to pay, balked at the price and offered to just pay $1000 of it. Mind you, they told us they would pay for it all several times and we not only went to the surgeon they recommended, we opted for the cheapest and easiest surgery which is the one I described above. The Mister went back and forth with them several times until they finally agreed to pick up the bill. We hope....

The day wasn't a total waste. I turned the rest of it into trash bag liberation day. I've had enough of the crinkly, wrinkly mess on everything I am sitting and sleeping on so off it all came from the furniture in my little pillow fort area of the living room. What a difference.


  1. I have no words. The xray looks so bad. And Pup is so good. What a sweet puppy. And your vet not wanting to pay when it was completely their fault? Nope. I'm glad you, (or the Mister) stood firm. They are responsible. That's just shameful that they tried to get out of it.
    Please keep us posted.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Well, I guess one good thing came out of the day .... no more plastic.

    Hope you can find a different vet when this is all over. Yikes. I can't believe they would let a dog be in pain this long.

  3. Holy Cow! The whole thing is just such a shame. Glad the plastic is gone.

  4. Well.. .at least there is a solution and a plan for pup. Keeping all the good juju coming your way.

  5. At least you have a plan for Pups recovery now. The Vets office better pay...boy if they don't that would really be crappy of them. I would switch Vets after all this...they missed the mites and then dislocated her hip...who knows what they will do next!

  6. good of you to find a bit of a silver lining to this dark cloud. I'm sorry they can't just pop it back in its place and that's that. At least having her in no pain is good.