Monday, June 6, 2022



Pup and I had a wonderful weekend camping out on the living room floor drinking tea and watching the Queen's Jubilee. 

I had tears in my eyes when she showed up on her balcony for a surprise little wave at the end of the events.  The crowd was unbelievable. The British press calls her the world's grandma and no matter how you feel about monarchy in general you have to love the lady.


When it was all said and done I sent The Mister to the store to get the ingredients for a celebratory trifle. I've seen so many of them being passed around all weekend in the UK that I just had to make one too. 

It was definitely a poor man's version compared to the ones I saw. I had to make it with what I could get at the little Mom and Pop grocer down the street and without a working oven. I used those little cakes you put strawberries in for the base and tinned peaches with a splash of peach schnapps for the fruit. Vanilla instant pudding was the jelly that held it all together with an entire container of Cool Whip on top. What's not to like?

And....of course, this wouldn't be a Tangled Web post without any drama. My sister made local headlines when she was in a serious accident on Saturday. Someone pulled out in front of the truck she was riding in with her partner. The truck hit the other vehicle and then flipped over the median where she was trapped inside. She's got 4 broken ribs, tons of bruises and lacerations but was in good hands at the brand new shock trauma center in Largo. She's now home resting comfortably much to the relief of her family.

It's certainly never a dull moment around here. 


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your sisters accident. I hope she'll soon be completely well. How did her partner do? Any injuries?
    Pup looks completely happy with this new arrangment. At least Mom is on the floor too! And your trifle looks lovely and delicious. What's not to like?
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Sending healing wishes to your sister for a speedy recovery.

  3. Thank goodness your sister is ok (though broken ribs cannot be fun). I have not had a trifle in years - YUM!!

  4. I've actually never been a fan of trifle - my grandma used to make it every Christmas and it was horrible - it's possible hers was just crap, because everyone I know loves trifle.

  5. What a frightening experience for your sister and her family. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  6. I'm so glad your sister isn't hurt more seriously! She will be sor for a good while yet! Glad you and Pup had something to watch on tv over the weekend! lol The dessert looks delicious!