Saturday, June 18, 2022

Ektorp Liberation Day


The beat up old Ektorp couch in the living room got a face lift. We took off the plastic yesterday, gave it a good vacuuming and cleaning and put on a brand new cover. I bought the cover years ago and now I wish I had bought more since Ikea doesn't make Ektorps or their covers anymore and they really are the most comfy and easy to clean couches ever. 

Since it is going to take two of us to wrangle Pup after surgery we needed a place for The Mister to plant himself for the duration. He's not as bendy as I am so the floor isn't an option for him. After Pup gets the all clear we are moving the old couch to the lower level and I'll be getting a new one for the living room.

At least I've been fairly productive with all this floor time. I've got six more Audun blocks to show for this week. 


  1. I hope this is what your couch uses for a sofa cover…


  2. You're making good use of your floor time!

  3. I really like the couch and new cover. Have you checked Etsy for covers? Mandy has IKEA dining chairs and the covers weren't available anymore for them. She went on Etsy and there were many more options of colors and patterns than IKEA orginally had! Her new ones look great.

  4. I just can't believe all yo have been though. I have followed every part of your journey, what a mess! But liberation is now here! Hooray!!!!

  5. Oh, the couch looks good and comfy--soon you will be able to sit on a couch again-as a human and not a pup supporter!