Saturday, June 11, 2022

In the Works


I finally got bored with knitting all day and dug out some other projects. Hopefully this will be a done deal by the next Tiny Needle Tuesday. I hope so because I would LOVE to start something new.

I also got Audun out again. I've got 57 blocks completed and this lot will make 6 more. I have no idea how many I need or want at this point so I guess I'll just keep it up until I run out of yarn.

That may be a while because I just realized I had bought another huge pack of these mini balls before all the stuff hit the fan last winter. 


  1. That is such a beautiful cross stitch project Debbie. I love it. Those mini-balls of yarn are so colorful and happy. You couldn't help but smile using the yarn. WIshing you a great Saturday my friend.

  2. You have so many beautiful projects underway. I could not even pick a favorite. (Well, I do remember Rainbow Kitty really spoke to me.) Love seeing what you are creating!

  3. I have been taking out my old projects and seeing what I need to do to finish it all!