Saturday, June 25, 2022



I turned the heels on all three socks yesterday. That's it. I'm not sure where the time goes all day especially since I am getting up usually between 4 and 5 but it goes and it goes fast.

As for today's Pupdate.....look at that side eye she's giving me. She's not trusting me anymore since I have become the mean lady who pulls on her bad leg and puts cold stuff on it all day. The better she's feeling the harder it's getting to do anything with her-which may be a good thing but it's making my life more difficult. 


  1. Three heel turns are a LOT of work. Don't negate your hard work my friend. I'm sorry that Pup is unhappy with you but so glad that she's feeling better. She is such a cutie pie. :-)

  2. THREE heel turns?! Here I thought I was doing good to do one. Hope your doggie improves her attitude! She's lucky to have you to care for her.

  3. Thanks for the pupdate, I have been thinking about her:)

  4. A cranky patient is a good sign! The socks look great!