Monday, June 13, 2022

Still Counting


I'm still pulling off the post-its. I should clarify that Thursday is only our consultation with the surgeon. There is a possibility we may get the surgery that day but no guarantee. 

We are still camped out 24/7 on the floor. Pup has about as much patience left with all this as I have. She snapped at me yesterday when my foot accidentally bumped into her while she was asleep. That was a first. 

As long as I am sitting or sleeping right next to her I can keep her calm and quiet. I've got a pile of stuff to do to keep me occupied but none of it is comfortable. The floor is much harder than I remember it. As a first grade teacher I spent hours on the floor with the kids without a problem. Now my hips, backs and knees are screaming that enough is enough.

I still managed to get the socks almost to the heel flap.

And...Number 9 is all attached and getting its yoke knit. All this is pretty impressive considering I not only had all those body aches this weekend but a nasty migraine as well. 


  1. Moving along witih your projects. I would have a difficult time on the floor. Hoping you (Pup) can have the surgery this week.

  2. Sure hope they can help pup this week.

  3. Oh, poor Pup is at her limits, too. Especially since she has been corralled with the mite situation for months also! Your results of the pup -lockdown is impressive!

  4. I'm so sorry for everyone at your house. Especially Pup. She doesn't even understand what's happening. I can't imagine being on the floor for that long. My back would have had a fit long ago. Your projects are all looking great too. At least you've been able to keep occupied. Thank goodness for hobbies.