Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Tiny Needle Tuesday


If all went well, Pup should be coming home today so expect a Pupdate tomorrow. I wrote this on Sunday because I had something else finished to show off. My bookmark is done. Now I have to assemble it by sewing that felt onto the back. I think I am going to change the green felt for some ivory because that way the stitches won't show as badly. I have little faith in my ability to do any neat stitching.

I have been working on the Village Quaker this week but I ran out of the light gray floss for the next ring of border. It's all one color, thank goodness, but it takes a lot of floss. I ordered more but I bet you dollars to donuts I have more of it stashed away somewhere. I am just too busy (lazy) to go digging for it right now. I also ordered some more small projects since the bookmark is done and I can't wait to share them. They are really, really cute. 

While I am waiting for all that to arrive I might as well get some more boring green stitches done on the grass around the little shepherdess. There really is no end to the things I have to finish up around here.  


  1. Cute projects. Congrats on the bookmark finish.

  2. All the best for your little pup...and I hope the recovery for you all is smooth and uneventful. Your little mate has such a sweet face.

  3. Good thoughts and prayers for Pup to have a speedy recovery. I'm looking forward to an update tonight.
    All of your projects look great. The bookmark will be wonderful. I've never sewn felt onto the back but it's a great idea to hide the not so nice looking parts.
    Of course you know I love the sheep too.
    Have a great day cuddling your Pup.

  4. I was thinking of whipping up a book mark for a friend's up coming birthday and wondering what I was going to back it with - never thought of felt! Thanks for the tip.
    Send pup good recovery juju so she can come home!!!!

  5. The Village Quaker is one of my favorites of all your projects. It will be gorgeous when finished.

  6. Cute bookmark! Hope you and pup are both okay:)

  7. Love all of your projects! Will be looking forward to an update on the pup.

  8. I think you do a good job of finishing-the bookmark is really pretty!