Thursday, June 9, 2022

Sitting and Knitting


There's a lot of things I could be working on while I am sitting here minding Pup all day but all I really want to do is knit a bit here and there. I really like the latest Lofoten colorway. It looked meh in the ball but it's really pretty once you get going. 

The Kitesurfing Undines are also really pretty. The pattern really shows off the subtle dye job perfectly.

Number 8 has been done for a while but I never got a family portrait with all the insanity going on last week. These little sweaters make me so happy. 

Number 9 will also be taking its place with the family in the near future. Once again I deviated from the charted color which was dark gray and gold. I just may be doing that a lot because....well, just because I feel like it. 


  1. Those socks are so pretty. I agree with the difference between the yarn in the ball and the knitted version of the Lofoten. It's night and day difference. The pattern of the Undines looks so difficult but really nice. But those sweaters have my heart. I love them!!!

  2. The newest socks are gorgeous! The texture looks great on the Undines! Done with one and right on to the next mini-sweater-you are making sweet choices for the colors!

  3. Knitting works wonders, doesn't it? When I'm stressed, hand me my knitting. Your socks and mini-sweaters are all beautiful.

  4. All of your projects are WONDERFUL!

  5. Lofotens are looking great, and of course, I love the Undines. I really should make myself a new pair, even though my sock drawer is so full it won't close

  6. I think your color choices for the little sweaters are great. The sweaters are adorable.