Friday, June 10, 2022

Better Late Than Never


I forgot to queue up my post for today. I usually post at midnight but one thing lead to another yesterday and I forgot. I was going to call this post In the Bag because per vet's instruction we are using a cloth tote bag as a makeshift doggy sling. 

I found a tutorial on YouTube but it was pretty self explanatory. You can pay a lot of money for a sling but this works really well to help her balance on three legs when she needs to get around. I couldn't get a photo of us using it the right way because she just got her first bath in a long while and she was rather grumpy about it. Understandably. It wasn't much fun for me either.   


  1. Poor pup. That face just says ---- WHY??????

  2. Poor thing has to suffer because someone was rough with her.

  3. I read your blog every morning while I’m drinking my coffee. I really admire all your crafty skills but especially your weaving. I’d love to read a post all about weaving how-to’s. What look did you start with? What do you use now? What kinds of projects can you do? Any tips/resources for a beginner? I love your dishcloths.

  4. Aww. Pup looks miserable. I'm so sorry, but I am thankful that the vet told you about the bag trick. It does look like it works well.

  5. I am glad you found a good way to 'tote' her but it is still so sad for her to be in pain!