Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tiny Needle Tuesday

November's Sheep Virtue block has a little herd.

I've managed to get only one of the sheep finished this week. That little mound they are standing on was a lot of work.

No other tiny needles have been put to good use lately. The soap/sewing room is in full soaping mode at the moment so there is no room to spare for other projects. I wouldn't bring them out in this oily mess anyway. They are tucked away until I get the winter soap on the shelves. I've got 48 bars finished so far and one new scent on the way.

As for kitchen news, here is the pile we are creating in the side yard. All those boxes are filled or will be filled with broken tile. We did the last bit that we are doing for a while this morning. We aren't going to pull out all the cabinets to get under them until I get back from a kitty sitting adventure that starts on Sunday. I don't think The Mister would fend very well for himself with no kitchen. He's going to need me around to navigate that adventure-at least until we get used to it.


  1. Oh, my! The sheep project is adorable; the kitchen mess is probably less than sweet....

  2. What a lot of work it all is! The kitchen AND the soap!! The sheep herd is darling.

  3. Another kitty adventure! I'm looking forward to that. I love your grandkitty stories.
    Of course you already know how much I look forward to seeing progress on the sheep virtues. I don't know why I love them so much. I actually looked the little individual kits up online thinking to buy them but the cumulative cost is too high for me. Oh well. I can enjoy them through your photos can't I? :-)
    That tile project sounds like so much physical labor. You are definitely more ambitious than I am. My back would say, no, no, no!!!
    Have a great Tuesday Debra.

  4. Pretty little stitches. It's been so much fun seeing this one come together.

  5. The sheep sampler is so beautiful! Maybe it will be completed this year. Bet those boxes in your yard are very heavy. What a great idea to box the discarded tiles. Kitty sitting should be a nice break for you.

  6. Love the sheep herd (line dancers?) in this month's stitchery. Looks like you're juggling a lot between crafts and home remodeling.

  7. So three years before we were to sell our home of 32 years (how that time flew!) we redid the kitchen. I was not in a healthy state of mind but the ripping out and hanging of drywall and physicality of the days we did the kitchen work, healed me. I did not want anything to do with picking the NEW out. Thankfully Fireman knew what he wanted. It turned out so well. We were kitchen less for 6 weeks. We continued to cook and barbecue. It was a big hassle. One night i woke in a panic, thinking, oh my Gosh if we even wanted to sell this house right now no one would buy it with NO Kitchen. Then I calmed down and boy it was lovely when it was finished and it DID sell the house. Everyone wanted stainless appliances and fancy countertops and thankfully Fireman had chosen those things. I hope your weekend will give you time to get in the mindset for the plan ahead!! You got this